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Organizational Development Grants

In 2017 we made an initial standard grant to Cape Ann Art Haven, which turned into a multi-year, significant funding commitment. Our commitment involved active board participation and leading the search for a full time Executive Director. Two years later, in another comprehensive effort, we funded initial operating expenses for the Salem Food Pantry's weekly mobile markets, joined the board and led the hiring of an Executive Director and Operations Manager. We also provided initial funding for the build-out of a much-needed food storage warehouse in Salem. Today Art Haven and the Salem Pantry are both thriving organizations providing much needed services to their communities. Our experience with these two organizations was so impactful that in 2021 Organizational Development Grants became our primary method of giving. 

These grants, which range in size from $50,000-$500,000, are for the development of a new service, facility or other sustainable asset which enables the recipient to broaden their impact on the community. Most recently, we awarded grants to the Gloucester Public Schools to fund a Science Center Coordinator position and to the Gloucester Housing Authority for improvements to Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility in six federal public housing units. 

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